Referendum on the Establishment of the Communist Party of the II. Bolshevik Revolution (CP-II.BR)


This webpage is an initiative of a group of Communists who realize the danger that the current capitalist world, through the misuse of technological development, is leading our civilization to self-destruction. Communists seek and offer a way to prevent it. Since capitalism with its unlimited private properties is an inherent product of war, this initiative intends to abolish capitalism and establish socialism by democratic means.


– Is to build up a powerful mass movement leading to establishment of Communist Party of the II. Bolshevik Revolution (CP-II.BR).

– The CP-II.BR will be established by use the most democratic way of expressing opinion – a binding referendum to eliminate capitalism and establish socialism around the world. CP-II.BR wants to prevent self-destruction of human civilization and build new political-economic-human relations of a new human civilization that would be in line with global scientific and technological developments.


Communists will make an explanatory campaign, why it is necessary to eliminate capitalism and to establish socialism around the world in order to save civilization.

After the campaign, communists will launch local binding referenda and the subsequent global binding referendum, with the question of:

Are you for the elimination of the current capitalist political-economic system and the establishment of socialism, as it is proclaimed by the Program of CP-II.BR?

The short program of Communist Party of the II. Bolshevik Revolution (CP-II.BR):

Socialist Decree of Peaceful Coexistence of the People of the Earth.

  • All currencies and all fictitious property are abolished, and a new currency are introduced across the planet.
  • Abolish: Private financial institutions, insurance companies, advertising, religious upbringing up to the age of 21, unemployment, homelessness, etc.
  • Central planning and central laws will be put in place to guarantee: equal social rights, equal pay for equal work, equal minimum wage, equal minimum retirement and retirement rules, maternity leave, etc … for all residents of the planet.
  • The maximum amount of aggregate private assets per person will be either 20000 times the minimum monthly wage, or 40,000 times the minimum monthly pension or 20000 times the median net monthly income per person calculated from all the inhabitants of the Earth.
  • All land, water resources, minerals, strategic enterprises, financial institutions, etc. … are nationalized for compensation not exceeding the total aggregate private property per person.
  • The maximum amount of the private company’s assets will be double the aggregate private property per person.
  • Any debts of private individuals over 500 times the median of net monthly income per capita will be canceled.
  • Democratic elections of capitalist type are abolished. Management of the population of the Earth will be managed by experts who will have the corresponding qualifications.
  • CP-II.BR will explain that all these drastic steps to personal property are negligible in comparison to the drastic step towards personal property at partial or significant self-destruction of civilization that would result from other local wars or from a third World War.


Initiative group of communists

In Bratislava 13.10.2018

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