Referendum on the Establishment of the Communist Party of the II. Bolshevik Revolution (CP-II.BR)


Suggested steps:

1.) CP-II.BR, in cooperation with other Communist parties and sympathizers, must make an explanatory campaign, why to eliminate capitalism and to establish socialism around the world in order to save civilization (6).

2.) After the campaign, communists will launch local binding referenda and the subsequent global binding referendum, with the question of:

Are you for the elimination of the current capitalist political-economic system and the establishment of socialism, as it is proclaimed by the Program of CP-II.BR?

3.) After a successful binding referendum, it is assumed that the left parties in the most states gain a significant majority in the parliaments and according to the referendum they will democratically vote trough the law – the Program of CP-II.BR entitled:

Socialist Decree of Peaceful Coexistence of the People of the Earth.

The Program of CP-II.BR

Socialist Decree of Peaceful Coexistence of the People of the Earth.

A – All currencies and all fictitious property will be abolished, and a new currency will be introduced across the planet.

B – Every inhabitant of the planet will have to document all movable and immovable property.

C – All property without an owner will be nationalized.

D – Abolish: Private financial institutions, insurance companies, advertising, religious upbringing up to the age of 21 of the citizen’s life, unemployment, homelessness, etc. The right to a dignified life is enforced and other citizens‘ rights are secured, many of which are already mentioned in the UN General Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 (7). Everyone must know how to declare the legitimate financial resources they live from (8).

E – In schools at all levels, will be the subject „Peaceful and dignified coexistence of the inhabitants of the earth“ (9).

F – Central planning and central laws will be put in place to guarantee: equal social rights, equal pay for equal work, equal minimum wage, equal minimum retirement and retirement rules, maternity leave, etc … for all residents of the planet.

G – The maximum amount of aggregate private assets per person will be either 20000 times the minimum monthly wage, or 40,000 times the minimum monthly pension or 20000 times the median net monthly income per person calculated from all the inhabitants of the Earth. The maximum amount of aggregate private assets will be derived from one of these parameters, taking the parameter from which the lowest aggregate private assets per person are taken. A person is a person older than 18 years of age. Any property higher than the aggregate private property per person will be nationalized (10).

H – All land, water resources, minerals, strategic enterprises, financial institutions, etc. … are nationalized for compensation not exceeding the total aggregate private property per person.

I – The maximum amount of the private company’s assets will be double the aggregate private property per person as specified in paragraph F (11).

J – Any debts of private individuals over 500 times the median of net monthly income per capita will be canceled (12).

K – Democratic elections of capitalist type are abolished, where at present the vast majority of people are uneducated in politic, therefore they elect only speakers of private financial and industrial corporations (13). Management of the population of the Earth will be managed by experts who will have the corresponding qualifications. Leaders will be elected by the democratic elections of qualified voters at various levels (14).

L – CP-II.BR will explain that all these drastic steps to personal property are negligible in comparison to the drastic step towards personal property at partial or significant self-destruction of civilization that would result from other local wars and from a third World War, as highly probable products of capitalism, where the absolute power of individuals is based solely on their unrestricted private property.



It will be necessary to dynamically promote the CP-II.BR program, use the internet, facebook …

To explain the changes that will occur after the elimination of capitalism and the establishment of socialism, such as:

– They would eliminate the war in order to maximize profit and accumulate capital. In the capitalist criminal wars, in 2014, the wars cost 14 trillion US dollars ($ 14,000,000,000,000, according to the Australian University of Economics and Peace, June 17, 2015) in order to maximize profit and accumulate capital. In the price of the war in 2014 is not included the price of 10-100 000 war victims and millions of refugees and crippled.

Imagine that capitalist society would replace the socialist system and we would have 14 trillion US dollars a year for distribution. 14 trillion US dollars is roughly 1860 USD per capita in planet = 5 dollars per capita per day. If we split that money into one billion poor, everyone would get $ 37 a day – and live with dignity.

It would be easy to eliminate other crimes of capitalism, such as hunger, beggars, unemployed, slave labor, emigration, sale of people, exploitation, drug addiction, human abduction, arson, custom killings, etc …. It would be enough to have just a 4-day work week. Civilization would make significant progress: money for education, health and social care, military research would be transformed into civilian, etc.

– Socialism would eliminate the capitalism produced by ubiquitous indebtedness. At the end of 2014, the world’s debt reached 199 trillion US dollars, increased by 57 trillion US dollars since 2007, and world debt to world GDP rose from 269 to 286 percent (I do not know exactly what this debt includes)

Worldwide, over the last 7 years, the world has grown to $ 22.9 billion a day. The amount of debt and its constantly increasing treasure is the professional performance of CH.

How much interest on average we pay annually? When we get a conservative estimate, ≥ 3% interest, this is ≥ $ 5.97 trillion a year. Every citizen of the planet is on average indebted to 26500 US dollars and at 3% interest pays interest 2.2 dollars a day.

– Socialism would remove property inequality between CH and others. Property inequality is steadily increasing and may be similar to that of Pharaohs in Egypt thousands of years ago. For example, according to Crédit Suisse in 2014, the number of people who own assets > $ 1 million represents only 0.7% of the planet’s population but controls 41% of its wealth. By contrast, 69% of the planet’s population has assets less than $ 10,000 and represents only 3% of the world’s wealth.

In 2014, a 73% increase in private wealth flowed from money and not from value. These negative inequality parameters do not diminish over time, rather vice versa. According to Bloomberg, in 2017, the 440 richest billionaires raised assets by $ 1.05 trillion. Their profits were 4 times higher than in 2016.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948 as Resolution 217 A (III).

Some parts of the declaration:

Article 1. “ All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.“

Article 2. Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status…”

Article 3. “ Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person..“

Article 4. „No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.


Anybody, who does not work, must have accumulated resources for living.


It will be changed according to the development of the society.


The multiple of these parameters for determining the maximum amount of aggregate private property per person will be modulated based on practical experience.


Multiples of aggregate private assets per person to determine the amount of property of a private firm will be modulated based on practical experience.


The multiple of debt cancellation of private individuals may change according to economic ratios.


The results of the practical experiment of the comparison of socialist elections and socialist scientific rule during socialism in Eastern Europe in 1948-1990 and subsequent governance on the basis of democratic elections of the West European type clearly showed that the products of democratic rule destroyed the former socialist countries like war. The experiment is documented in publications – see point 5. The most of the negative products of democracy coming from its basic law: that a large majority of non-professionals to professionals has the right to vote and that the rulers over democracy influence a decision of non-professionals.


The system of election and selection of experts for the different positions of the organization of the state and of the world public life needs to be further elaborated. It will be necessary to use the knowledge of a successful election system and the selection of experts during socialism in Eastern European countries. The initial pattern is also the electoral system and organization of the selection of experts in Communist China.


Initiative group of communists

In Bratislava 13.10.2018