Referendum on the Establishment of the Communist Party of the II. Bolshevik Revolution (CP-II.BR)

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This webpage is an initiative of a group of Communists who realize the danger that the current capitalist world, through the use of technological development, is leading our civilization to self-destruction. It seeks and offers a way to prevent it. Since capitalism is an inherent product of war, this initiative intends to abolish capitalism and establish socialism by democratic means.

The goal of this Communist initiative is also to determine the degree of support for its program in the world, as well as whether, in the case of sufficient support, it would be possible to establish a Communist Party of the II. Bolshevik Revolution (CP-II.BR), which would support and realize this program.

The webpage of the CP-II.BR will be dynamically updated on the basis of new facts and the results of discussion.

Introductory information

At the beginning of the 20th century, the most important goal in the program of political parties should have been to prevent the biggest crime against humanity – World War I in Europe, 1914-1918. This was not the case because the most influential political parties did not have in the program that capitalism in order to accumulation of capital of individuals and interest groups is a major source of warfare and therefore capitalism needs to be eliminated.

The situation was repeated in the 20th century in the years 1920-1939 when again the most important goal in the program of political parties should have been to prevent the biggest crime against humanity – II. world war in Europe, 1939-1945. No other political parties, but communists, had in the program to remove capitalism as an inherent source of wars and to established socialism.

At present, the technical level of human killing and property destruction is > 1,000 times more efficient than technology in II. World War. Therefore, to prevent the outbreak of III. World War that would lead to self-destruction of civilization in the world should be the main goal of the political parties. One can for sure eliminate war only to eliminate capitalism. Unfortunately, at present, apart from the communist parties, the elimination of capitalism and the establishment of socialism is not in the programs of the most influential political parties in the world.

The current global scientific and technological development of cyber-informatics through robotic nuclear weapons, human cloning, etc. has reached a frontier where self-destruction of civilization is threatening, if the politico-economic system of capitalism based on individuals and interest groups having a total absolute power based solely on their unrestricted private property (1) in not eliminated. For simplicity, we will call the people and interest groups with absolute power based solely on their unrestricted private property as Chosen Hamburger (CH) (2).


The aim of CP-II.BR is to use the most democratic way of expressing opinion – a binding referendum to eliminate capitalism and establish socialism around the world. CP-II.BR wants to prevent self-destruction of human civilization and build new political-economic-human relations of a new human civilization that would be in line with global scientific and technological developments (3).


CP-II.BR in the theoretical and practical field will rely on the experience of the Communist parties during the human miracle of a new civilization – socialism in the former Eastern European socialist bloc, exploiting the experience of the Communist Party of China and other Communist parties (4).

The idea of foundation of CP-II.BR is the result of the fact that during the reign of the Communist parties and the political and economic system of socialism in the former Eastern European Socialist Block (1945-1989), a new human progressive civilization was created that is significantly different from capitalist civilization. This new socialist civilization has removed capitalist crimes against humanity, such as: war, terrorism, corruption, exploitation, addiction, beggar, homeless, fire, selling people, child prostitution, custom killings, exequatur, emigration … These capitalist crimes against humanity have once again returned to society after the transition from socialism to capitalism in these countries after 1989, when the society once again fell humanely and civilized (5).

The assessment of 1948-1990 socialism in Eastern Europe by capitalist media is one of the other crimes of capitalism, where socialism and the rule of the Communist parties are depicted as an economically and humanly incompetent totalitarian horror in order to educate moral scholars who should hate socialism, Marxism, Communists … Current capitalism in their totalitarian media spread hatred for socialism and communists in hundreds of misleading documents that are spreading through the media. This propaganda is intended to conceal the verifiable facts about the communist miracle of the new human socialist civilization in 1945-1990. The continuation of this new civilization is e.g. in communist China, with China’s „Chinese characteristics“.

CP-II.BR will provide evidence that the capitalist law of maximum profit says:
The more you get worse, I’ll be better. On the other side, the socialist law of maximum profit says:
The better you will be, the better I will.



Unlimited property ownership is as well used in the current world as was slavery in the past. For centuries, slavery was considered to be an integral part of the functioning of the world. It is time for humanity to make the next step in its development and to consider the private possession of an unlimited amount of property as great sin, inertia, corruption and immorality as the main brake on the development of society, as in the 19th century were considered slavery.

Global self-destruction of today’s global civilization is made possible by the development and widening availability of weapons of mass destruction in the world, the media influence of people’s thinking and the environmental disturbance of the planet’s balance. The self-destruction of contemporary civilization results from the main law of capitalism to maximize the profit of individuals and interest groups according to the rules they themselves determine on the basis of their unlimited private ownership. The current global capitalism has strong elements of global “cannibalism”, where one global group versus the other global group is guided by the principle: The more you get worse, I’ll be better.


The Chosen Hamburger (CH), like any hamburger, consisting mainly of heirloom and new members of the aristocracy and the power oligarchy (public and non-public), benefiting from unlimited private ownership of impunity for the accumulation of capital. They are the main source of wars, nonequality, exploitation, breakthroughs and mental totality in order to maximize profit.


CP-II.BR is aware of the nearly absolute impunity of CH in influencing public opinion in its favor, but also recognizes many humanist activities that document inhumanity and, in many cases, the criminality of the capitalist system. Articles condemning capitalism generally do not favor an alternative to socialism, as a humane, civilized society that should, or must, replace capitalism. CH is well aware that his privileges (ie, unlimited private ownership and thus unlimited power) should remain unaffected even after any cosmetic or systemic change of current capitalism. Therefore, all cosmetic or systemic changes of present capitalism are allowed apart from one essential – to abolish the capitalist system and to establish socialism, which is in the CP-II.BR program.


It will be necessary to develop a procedure to use the positive knowledge of the management of the socialist society from the former Eastern European Socialist bloc countries (central management, planned economy, education …) and avoid shortcomings. Consideration will be given to the practical experience of the Communist Party of China and other Communist parties.


The propagation of the communist miracle of the new human civilization in the former East European Bloc and crimes against humanity after the passage of socialism to capitalism are forbidden to propagate by official media. On the contrary, these media are spreading a daily, ubiquitous campaign of „criminal communism“.

Crimes against humanity after the passage of socialism to capitalism are described, for example, in:


  • Transition 1999, (United Nations Development Program: TRANSITION 1999, Human Development Report for Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS, New York 1999; ISBN: 92-1-126109-0).
  • Because I assume that CH has arranged that the UN publication is not easy available, some of its parts are on: Transition 1999 PDF copy.rar;
  • Where do we Stand a Decade After the Collapse of the USSR? Transition and Institutions: The Experience of Late Reformers (edited by Giovanni Andrea Cornia and Vladimir Popov, Oxford University Press, 2001, xiv+273pp)
  • Ondrias Karol: Crimes of Democracy versus Crimes of Communism Results of Real Experiment in Slovakia and in the World Updated 2010
  • Socialism was the beginning of a new type of human civilization. Already in its initial phase, he has resolved the following crimes of capitalism against humanity:

– Wars – Terrorism – Corruption – Unemployment – Addiction – Homelessness – Falling- Selling people – Child prostitution – Murders to order- Excuse – Losses of social security – Loss of physical security – Immigration – Exploitation, – The devaluation of education and culture, – Economic, cultural and mental colonization … etc …

These crimes against humanity came back after the transformation of socialism into capitalism.


Initiative group of communists

In Bratislava 13.10.2018